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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12927
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Shipping Address:
202 Commerce Blvd.
Lawrence, PA  15055

(724) 745-5300
(800) 892-7700
toll free
(724) 745-7420




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    J. B. O’Connor Co., Inc., was established in 1966. The agency has evolved over the years as a full service agency representing major industry manufacturers in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. J. B. O’Connor Co. is a team effort consisting of two inside sales people and four outside sales people. Our philosophy, as an agency, is to have a strong presence in the secondary market so we can pull our products through distribution. Our primary market segments are residential and commercial with major emphasis on wholesalers, plumbing contractors, builders, engineers, end users and mechanical contractors.   We specialize in Green Building Products!

Our people make the difference . . .

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